How a quarantine will make the schools safe for students upon return?

BOZEMAN- Monday is the first day after spring break in Bozeman and kids are staying home. 

The school district in Bozeman is observing a quarantine and the earliest students could be back in the classroom is March 30. 

That’s all dependent on how the situation continues to unfold.

School board members had an emergency meeting last week and are following the governor’s requests. 

A local dry fog cleaning expert with Pure Air Solutions in Bozeman says the very best thing to keep our children safe, is to do exactly what we’re doing right now - not going to school. 

“So viruses as a whole can only live outside of a host for four to nine days,” Colin Engstrom with Pure Air Solutions said, “so with buildings being closed for an extended period of time, the virus would then be gone.”

Engstrom explains one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the virus is not to bring anything new into the environment.

“By being in the building your having to human contact and exposing others to the virus so the most important thing is to just follow directions,” Engstrom said, “stay home and you’re going to help prevent the spread and it’s gonna be better for everyone in the community.”

Engstrom said for cleaning at home one of the very best things we can be doing is checking the labels of the disinfectants that were using.

Most household products actually need 10 minutes of being wet before they sterilize. 

So he says when you’re wiping down surfaces it’s important to make sure you’re using enough product for it to be wet and damp for 10 minutes.

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