BOZEMAN- It’s not every day you get the opportunity to hang out in Bobcat stadium on the field.

The return of the students means the return of football season and if you love football and you love Bobcat stadium hopping on a workout bike on the 50-yard line may just be the way you want to spend your Friday.

Zephyr a local spin bike gym in Bozeman is giving the people a chance to ride a workout bike on the 50-yard line at Bobcat stadium.

Zephyr is just a stone's throw away from the football stadium and the employees say the weekends during football season, the energy is just infectious.

So when the school presented them with an opportunity to teach a class on the football field they jumped at it.

“Being in the stadium, in a space that means so much, is really going to elevate [the] experience,” Carolyn Williams the owner of Zephyr said “[we] want you to have a good time, [its] going to be a really incredible….elevated way to experience a spin class.”

The owner says even though she’s from Billings she feels like she’s become an honorary bobcat through the interactions and friendships she's made with students.

“There is just an energy in the air in the fall, that is what truly has converted me,” Williams said

Williams takes great pride in knowing that she’s created a safe place for students to come and exercise and have a good laugh before a potentially very stressful test.

“What I think is really cool about Zephyr and the community that we have here, are the Bobcats students who come in and ride these bikes everyday theses students are such incredible people.”

Registration is currently open there are not many seats left, you can click here to get more information.

A portion of funds made will be donated back to MSU's student scholarship fund.

The class will be taking place Friday, August 23.

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