Bridger Mountains view from Peet's Hill Bozeman

BOZEMAN, Mont. - One of the big topics at the presidential debate on Tuesday night was climate change - and it's not just presidential candidates that are talking about the issue. Bozeman recently released its draft Climate Plan, which will guide the city and its residents for decades to come, and they're looking for the public's input on it.

A community-wide virtual workshop is planned for Thursday, October 1. This will be the second public meeting held by the city aimed at getting feedback from residents.

The Bozeman Climate Plan has been in the works since spring 2019, and it comes with some big goals for the city, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 26% by 2025, getting to fully net-renewable electricity by 2030, and being completely carbon neutral by 2050.

The draft plan was created over the course of a year and a half by consulting with Bozeman residents from various backgrounds who were part of a 36-person climate team.

If you want to read the full draft Bozeman Climate Plan, click here. For the executive summary, click here.

If you want to register for the virtual workshop, click here. The workshop will be held Thursday, October 1 from 6:30-8 PM.

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