BOZEMAN, Mont. - The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) opened its Housing First Village to community members who have been experiencing chronic homelessness Thursday.

The village is located at 2007 Wheat Drive next to HRDC's Warming Center.

A total of 12 individual people will be moving into the tiny homes starting Nov. 1.

Each tenant will pay 30% of their income, and if the person does not have an annual income they won't pay any rent.

HRDC will work with that individual to secure them some form of income, however, 88% of HRDC's customers have a base income.

There is a total of five different home designs and two of the home layouts were mapped out by Montana State University architect students.

Each home is between 145 square feet to 300 square feet.

The tiny home has a bathroom and kitchenette with an induction cooktop, refrigerator and heater system.

In addition, the homes are minimally furnished, however, a bed and mattresses will be provided from HRDC.

The tenants are allowed to bring their pets into the new homes and right now there is no limit for how long a person can stay in their home.

HRDC Emergency Shelter Services Manager, Jenna Huey said, "This project Housing First Village is really important not only to me but to our community, it fills a ginormous gap in services and for the folks that have been experiencing homelessness and have the highest barriers to getting into housing this helps to alleviate that situation."

The tiny homes cost around $60,000 for vertical construction, HRDC said.

HRDC's goal with this project is to build a total of 19 homes. The seven remaining homes will be built by community volunteers.

More information about volunteering with HRDC can be found here. 

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