BOZEMAN, Mont. - Hundreds of people gathered at Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital for the first-ever "Hug the Hospital" event Wednesday. 

The event was organized by Rev. Amy Strader, pastor at Bozeman United Methodist Church, and Bozeman Health board member. 

Community members gathered at the main entrance of Deaconess Hospital where officials said a few words before people circled around the Deaconess building to give a communal “hug” to hospital workers.

The goal of the event was for the community to show their support and love for Bozeman’s health care professionals.

Strader is also working on organizing an “adopt a unit” program where individuals, families, and organizations can “adopt” a unit at any Bozeman Health care site.

People who adopt a unit can drop off things like coffee, snacks, signs, or even letters of appreciation to a unit at the hospital.

Strader said she plans on starting the "adopt a unit" program by November and continue it through spring 2022.

Residents interested in being apart of the program can email Rev. Amy Strader at

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