The open enrollment deadline for marketplace health insurance is less than two weeks away. Here is what you need to know ahead of the deadline.

Healthcare providers across Montana are using grant funding from the Montana Department of Health and Human Services to make sure they can reach out to the community and get people who aren’t covered or need new health insurance enrolled ahead of the December 15 deadline.

In Montana most people get their health insurance through their employer. A recent survey found 10% of Montanans are uninsured, as more folks lose their jobs during this pandemic that number is expected to go up.

Only 5% of Montanans have insurance on an individual basis, but Cover Montana wants to you to know enrollment is more affordable than you might think.

In Missoula, 4 health care providers received grant funding, including Partnership Health, All Nations Health Center, and St. Patrick Hospital, and they will use that funding to walk folks though the enrollment process at no cost.

"We are in a critical time right now and we want to make sure that everyone who needs health insurance gets health insurance so that everyone in Montana is covered this year especially," Missoula County Commissioner Josh Slotnick.

Open enrollment ends on December 15th. To find out what you qualify for you can visit or reach out to your local healthcare provider.

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