Intermountain Opera Bozeman kicks off in-person events, looks to reach new audience

BOZEMAN, Mont. – After 19 months of virtual and pop-up street corner events during the pandemic, Intermountain Opera Bozeman will host their first slate of in-person events with a hope of reaching a new audience.

Artistic Director Michael Sakir said the opera group is looking to attract a younger, more Montana based audience and is going as far as taking the opera house to a barn.

“I think most people think that opera is all about monocles and top hats and you have to wear a tuxedo and a dress to go to the opera, it couldn’t be farther from the truth, we want people to show up this weekend in their jeans, in their cowboy hats, whatever you want to wear to the opera is perfect,” Sakir said.

Intermountain Opera Bozeman has three fully-staged productions which are all based off light-hearted, family-friendly and familiar comedies but with a Montana twist.

The first in-person event of the season is Rossini's comedic Barber of Seville which will be held at the Hardscrabble Ranch with a wild-west setting.

Right now, the performance on Sept. 12 is completely sold out but you can find more information on future dates, times and tickets here.

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