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Jermain Charlo

23-year-old Jermain Charlo has now been missing for seven months after her disappearance in June.

Lead Detective, Guy Baker, of the Missoula Police Department said multiple agencies have spent over 2,000 hours searching for Charlo.

The search started after she went missing the night of June 16th after police say she was out with friends in downtown Missoula.

Detective Baker said they've identified about five people of interest, but they have not determined what happened to Charlo.

He is a part of the FBI Violent Crime Task Force, which greatly helps law enforcement with resources in cases like this.

Detective Baker said they have reason to believe she is a victim of sex trafficking and he unfortunately does not think she is still alive.

"No one has heard from her. She has not been active on social media, and as I said her pattern of life was disrupted on that night. So seven months later I am pretty confident that she is a victim of a criminal act," Det. Baker said.

Baker emphasized that the search for Charlo is just as active as it was seven months ago when she went missing.

If you know anything about what may have happened to Jermain Charlo, please contact Detective Guy Baker at (406) 396-3217.

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