Kid Tested: Museum of the Rockies new exhibit will take you to the jungle

BOZEMAN- If you are looking for something to do this weekend and snakes are right up your alley the new exhibit at the Museum of the Rockies will allow you to take a walk through the jungle.

“Usually they’re overlooked by the tigers and the pandas and stuff like that,” Geordi Hall the Zookeeper of the Reptiles: The Beautiful and the Deadly said.

But not right now, at the Museum of the Rockies, snakes, alligators, crocodiles and pythons are all on display and they are on center stage.

“All of the exhibits are down at a level we’re kids of all ages can see them,” Hall said, “a lot of the animals like to hang out right in front of the glass they can really get eye to eye with these animals.”

So we put the exhibit to the test. We called in to the Museum of the Rockies the youngest tour guide Dax Schieffer Jr.

Schieffer just recently beat a rare bone disorder, he is not incredibly outspoken but his face said it all. He laughed, smiled, and even got a little creeped out by one incredibly large python.

So what did Schieffer think?

“Come see it,” Schieffer said.

The Museum of the Rockies hopes that kids take more away from the exhibit other than just seeing a cool snake.

The museum is hoping that this turns into a much larger conversation about science and inspires the next generation of students and doctors.

“There’s a lot of different field directions being inspired by reptiles it can lead kids to become biologists in the field study reptiles out in the wild ,” Hall said, “there’s a lot of different sciences that reptiles especially allow kids and people in general to get involved in.”

If you would like to see the exhibit you can follow this link.

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