Livingston resident makes phone app for Montana road conditions

Picture down Main Street in Bozeman on Oct. 25, 2020.

LIVINGSTON- Doug Fales, a Livingston resident, used his experiences with software app development to combine all of the Montana Department of Transportation’s road and pass conditions information into one readily available phone application.

“Well it stemmed from me sort-of getting frustrated trying to get a feel for what my drive home was going to be like sitting in a parking lot and kind-of tapping between all these different sites,” Fales explained.

Fales found himself going up and over Bozeman pass all the time and knew that the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) has all sorts of websites with road condition information that he wanted to put into one application.

The result was a phone app called PassWarrior that he released in 2018 for Apple and just came out last month on the Google Play Store for Android devices as well.

The app uses the MDT’s freely available information, but it does a few other things like giving you the last six hours of road cams as a time-lapse video.

There are also trend graphs on road surface temperatures so you can see when the road is approaching the freezing point for possible black ice.

PassWarrior also collects the construction, alert, and accident info from both MDT and Montana Highway Patrol websites.

Fales said his favorite part of the app is the time-lapse video of snowplow dashboard cameras giving you a look of the road itself from snowplow drivers out on the road.

“I think that’s probably the most useful in my opinion because the thing that you miss just looking at a still image is getting a sense of like the trend and if it’s actually improving or getting worse and you know in Montana it’s really hard to tell it could be snow on the road and that can still be a lot better than it was two hours ago,” Fales said.

Fales said that as of now PassWarrior only works throughout the state of Montana but might look into expanding it to other areas in the country.

You can find PassWarrior on the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for Apple.

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