LIVINGSTON, Mont. - Erik's Ranch & Retreats has a one of a kind staff and is featured on season two of Netflix's ‘The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals'. 

The ranch provides living, working and social accommodations for young adults on the autism spectrum.

Every summer the ranch welcomes around three young adults with autism to live on-site. 

Erik's Ranch & Retreats Advisory Board Member Jannie Wiseman said, "They work very hard to come out of their own shell and be productive to be able to feel they are contributing and are making a difference in not only our lives but their own." 

The property is located just 45 minutes outside of Yellowstone National Park and welcomes people from around the world to stay at their vacation rentals. 

Erik’s Ranch offers guest accommodations including two contemporary guesthouses, a secluded lodge, a creekside cabin and more. 

A link to the vacation rentals can be found here. 

The young adults with autism are not only the guests’ personal concierges, but also lead tours allowing them to learn and grow. 

"To have them integrated with other people coming to visit them while they are being a concierge or working with the horses or working as a gardener and when people can come and stay at places that are run by young adults with autism it is just an absolute joy," Erik's Ranch Guest Danette Smith said. 

Every year,, Erik's ranch hosts a gala where community members celebrate the individual accomplishments and progress of one young adult with autism.

The gala gives the adult an opportunity to feel the spotlight and shine bright as the star of the show. 

This year's gala will be virtual due to COVID-19 and it will be held on Saturday, Oct. 9, from 7–8:30 p.m.

During the virtual event, guests will learn more about Erik's mission and can  participate in an online auction.

More information about Erik's Ranch and Retreats virtual gala, registration page, raffle tickets and make donations can be found here. 

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