BOZEMAN, Mont. - Voters will need to vote again in the Nov. 8 general election ballot on additional taxes for recreational and medical marijuana in Gallatin County.

The error stems from the ballot not being publicly posted early enough before election day under state law.

County commissioners, the clerk and recorder and the county attorney's office all agreed that it was best to have voters re-vote the tax issue.

The general election ballot will have the same two questions which will include the option to vote on a 3% tax for recreational and medical marijuana.

Gallatin County Commissioners said they would use the county's portions of the tax revenue to fund mental health services.

Gallatin County officials explained that they are potentially missing out on about four months of revenue which estimates at about $218,000.

If the current sales trends from the first five months of 2022 continue, the county said they can anticipate the two taxes could generate roughly a combined $1.3 million annually.

The remainder 45% would be distributed to cities and towns based on their population in the county and 5% will be given to the Montana Department of Revenue.

If the issue passes again, the earliest it could go into effect is 90 days after the election, which would be Febuary 6, 2023.

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