Dr. Fausett saved my life

In Montana, when you have a complicated medical issue you're often sent out of state to see specialists.

There is one specialist in western Montana who is bucking that trend.

Pregnant mothers from all over the region are being sent to see Dr. Bardett Fausett at Missoula's Community Medical Center.

He's a maternal fetal medicine specialist who focuses on treating babies and mothers while baby is still in the womb.

Patients we spoke to said Dr. Fausett has a unique way of making them feel appreciated and safe.

He's also trying therapies and procedures that other doctors in the field are not willing to do.

In this two-part special report, we first hear from Dr. Fausett about what brought him to Montana and what pushes him to do first-of-their kind procedures in "little 'ole Montana."

In the second part, we hear from patients who say without Dr. Fausett they may not have their children today. And, we capture on camera the moment Dr. Fausett realizes he's not coming in for a follow up interview, but instead walks into a room full of families gathered to thank him.

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