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BOZEMAN – This week, we highlight a senior wrestler who leaves everything on the mat and then some.

Chance McLane has been wrestling since he was three years old, and he has quite the resume to go along it.

“I just want to keep trying to get better,” McLane says. “Wins and loses aren't particularly my goal...just be the best I can be, make the team the best they can be and hopefully win a state championship as a team."

He's already claimed a 103 and 145 double-a state championship, is on his way to a 152 title, placed second at the world team trials, and most recently signed to wrestling at Oklahoma State.

“Everything just kind of fit,” he says. “The coaches and the atmosphere all the partners are really good so it was a good fit and I like it down there and I know it's going to probably be the best place for me."

Hawks head coach Nate Laslovich says it will be a great opportunity.

“Their coach is one of the best guys in the world. He’s like the best American ever in wrestling, and I think it'll be a great guy for Chance to learn from. And his abilities are really good for their program so I think he'll do really well there."

But as much time as he puts in, he always makes sure to leave some to give back to the community. His favorite way - is teaching little guys the ropes.

"I started doing it because that's how I learned to be where I am today and that's what got me here so I want to give back. Try and get those little kids wanting to win and be good."

“He’s not above helping anybody - that could be younger guys on our team, but I know he likes to give back to little kids like they gave back to him when they were older. So he's like the perfect role model for my boys."

McLane says the more he's able to help out, the brighter the future of wrestling will be. Though it's been a crazy ride at times, he wouldn't change a thing.

"My wrestling in Bozeman is just kind of home for me. It's just cool going to school here and I’ve always liked the teams I’ve been on and pushed myself to be the best that i can be."

His says his next goal in line is to win a national championship with the Cowboys.

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