BOZEMAN, Mont. - Hunting season is weeks away and this year there is a major meat processor shortage throughout the state of Montana. 

Happel's Clean Cut Meats has been processing meat in Bozeman for 60 years and said this year is the first year they are struggling to find staff to join their team. 

Due to the staffing shortage, the small family-owned business had to increase their prices around 50% to keep up the supply and demand. 

"I'm a little guy, I have got to watch my bottom line, my bank account on a weekly basis and those prices could fluctuate more likely up than staying level, so I am looking at maybe upwards of $2.00 a pound to process deer or elk," Happel's Clean Cut Meats Owner Lyle Happel said. 

For 27 years, Happel has been secretary of treasury for the Montana Meat Processors Association and he said some meat processors across the state are not able to do any whole carcasses fabrication this year due to staffing. 

On average, Happel processes around 500 animals during hunting season and in order to get the job done this year, Happel's is seeking more meat processors. 

More information about Happel's Clean Cut Meats and job opportunities can be found here. 

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