Nathaniel Bar-Jonah

Great Falls --On a cold December day in 1999, the Great Falls Police Department served a warrant for Nathaniel Bar-Jonah's apartment.

Once inside, investigators found a blue police coat, a silver toy revolver, several silver badges, a stunmaster stun gun, a ball cap with the logo "security enforcement," two disposable cameras, two albums with cutouts of children, one coat with a badge in the pocket, numerous photos and negatives, an American Junior workout video, and an order form for police equipment.

But by far the most disturbing item uncovered in this first search of Bar-Jonah's apartment – was what appeared to be a victim list that Bar-Jonah had written in his own handwriting. Montana Supreme Court documents say the list had hundreds of names, including the names of his known victims back in Massachusetts and the names of "quite a few local children."

There was a specific name on the list that caught detectives' eyes, Zachary Ramsay. Zachary had gone missing three years earlier on his walk to school. 

In part two of this series, we break down the evidence found inside Bar-Jonah's home over the course of several search warrants and why law enforcement believes that more than one child might have fallen victim to Bar-Jonah's cannibalistic fantasies. 

Bar-Jonah was a convicted sexual predator who was known to prey on children. If you or anyone you know are a survivor of sexual assault, there are resources available to help in Montana. Links to those resources can be found below:

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