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BOZEMAN, Mont. - As Montana State University's Bobcats prepare to host Tennessee's Austin Peay State University this Friday night for the quarterfinal game, there's a special effort by some Bozemanites to make sure everyone has a chance to be part of the exciting moment in Bobcat history.

It all started last week, when MSU's Associate Athletic Director Bethany Cordell got a call from the owner of Rocking R Bar in Bozeman, saying he wanted to buy 100 tickets to give out to people who normally couldn't afford them.

Cordell ran out of the tickets in a matter of day, and the demand only grew. Not only for taking the tickets, but people wanting to give up their tickets for others.

As of Tuesday, more than 500 tickets like this are still available.

Cordell says the excitement around the Cats' success this season has made the outpouring of support even greater.

“And so it started with that, and really just kind of started snowballing into the community spirit surrounding the city of Bozeman, Montana State University, and it’s really just making everybody want to give," Cordell explained.

Some people that are eligible for free tickets include first responders, law enforcement, military, teachers, family members of any of those groups, and even families in need.

“I mean it’s literally brought me to tears every single day this week," Cordell said. "I talked to a single mom on the phone this morning. She’s got four kids and they grew up big Bobcat fans and she’s never been able to take them to a game before, and now they’re coming and she was crying on the phone. You know, it’s just like, it’s stories like that that make me so proud to be a Bobcat.” 

If you want to give up your tickets, or you or someone you know could use a little bit of help in getting to the game, message Montana State Bobcats on Facebook with your information.

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