Brad Malloy Haggar Hall of Fame Dad

The Malloy family at the 2018 Griz-Cats game, from left: Jenny, Grace (8), Emma (10), Brad, and Luke (5).

LIVINGSTON - A Livingston father-of-three is being recognized as one of the nation’s best dads.

Every year, you hear someone say it or post it: “My dad is the best dad.” But one Livingston father actually has the title to prove it.

Brad Malloy’s ideal day? Spending time with his three kids, whether that be by going to a museum, grabbing a milkshake at Livingston classic Mark’s In & Out, or cooking together.

Sitting down in front of our camera on Sunday, Brad’s not totally comfortable.

“[This is] kind of embarrassing,” he says.

“Yeah, he doesn’t like to be in the spotlight for anything,” say Brad’s wife Jenny, laughing.

But bring in 10-year-old Emma, 8-year-old Grace, and 5-year-old Luke, and he comes alive.

A few weeks ago, Brad found out he was the Montana winner of the 2019 Hall of Fame Dad award from clothing brand Haggar. Jenny nominated her husband after learning about the award from her friend. Brad didn’t know about anything until after he had won; he describes the moment when Jenny and their daughter Emma told him about the award as “pretty emotional.” The application process included writing about what made Brad such a great father.

“I looked into it, and it was, ‘Say something amazing about the father of your children,’” Jenny recalls. “And so it was just easy; he’s amazing.”

Brad wakes up early every morning, leaving for his job as a physical therapist at Livingston HealthCare at 5:15 AM, early enough that he can be done with work in time to pick up the kids from school while Jenny finishes her work. And every night, Brad cooks dinner for the family.

But as his family points out, what makes Brad a wonderful father aren’t always the big moments, but the small acts of sacrifice and love that he makes everyday.

“He’s very lucky because his job allows him to pick up the kids,” Jenny adds, “but it’s more than that. He takes them to guitar, he does homework with them every night. If he had a choice, that’s exactly where he would be, is with the kids every single day.”

As oldest child Emma puts it: “He’s super nice and he loves us so much and he’s the best dad ever.”

Brad is also known for his humility.

“He downplays everything, he’s pretty humble,” says Jenny.

And its likely that modesty that guides Brad’s approach to fatherhood.

“Loving your kids unconditionally, knowing that you love them, and being present,” Brad says of what defines his parenting. “You don’t know how long they’ll want you to [be around], so take advantage of it while you can.”

As a Haggar Hall of Fame Dad, Brad will receive a Haggar wardrobe and exclusive Hall of Fame Dad blazer. He’s also been entered to win a trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Week in Canton, Ohio.

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