BOZEMAN, Mont.- Montana State University panel addressed the common difficulties affecting individuals during the coronavirus pandemic Wednesday. 

A panel of health experts offered mental health and stress management guides for people working in education and parents with school-aged kids or younger.

During COVID-19, children have adapted to different learning environments and, parents had to learn how to become teachers. 

The panel offered multiple tips and techniques for managing stress and mental health challenges.

Health experts said, many people have been faced with "pandemic fatigue" which is defined as a person living in a constant and extreme state of anxiety from the unknowing. 

Extension Mental Health Specialist Dr. Alison Brennan recommended people use the four A's to help with stress management. 

"Avoid, alter, adapt, and accept so each of these refers to kind of a different tool or approach that you might take in trying to cope with the situation on an event that has occurred," Brennan said. 

Health specialist are encouraging people to use the MSU website resources as well as the MSU Human Development Clinic to seek help. 

MSU will host a second panel open to the public on April 23 and, that meeting will address the challenges of working and living during the pandemic, such as Zoom meetings, exhaustion from interacting with customers from behind masks, and being out of work or retired.

More information from virtual panel and viewing can be found here.

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