BOZEMAN, Mont. - Montana State University’s annual Provost’s Distinguished Lecturer Series continued virtually with a tour of the university’s COVID-19 testing lab. 

The live stream event aired on Jan. 12 at 7:00 p.m. 

Seth Walk, Associate Professor Microbiology and Immunology at MSU, gave a guided tour of MSU’s testing lab and a virtual lecture. 

Walk said, the COVID-19 testing lab center was built in July 2020 and every day there are 2,000 samples tested at the center. 

The lab is testing COVID-19 samples 24 hours a day. 

MSU’s testing lab is funded by the federal CARES Act. 

The lab was initially contracted to process 30,000 COVID-19 tests between July and December.

Although, the lab ended up processing 100,000 tests by the end of 2020.

All of the lab samples are nose swab COVID-19 test and the results are detected through a machine. 

A recording of the virtual tour and lecture is available to watch on the MSU website. 

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