LIVINGSTON, Mont. – Global delays in shipping and a nationwide shortage of workers is causing backorders on deliveries for small businesses in Montana.

The Kitchen Shop Owner Dale Hopkins started his business in October 2020 when supply chain delays began, but said this time around is even worse.

“I think when I opened, I was getting about 75% of what I was ordering and with some suppliers I’m down to 50%, I’m constantly looking for alternative sources for product that I haven’t been able to get from other people,” Hopkins said.

This all comes as not great news as The Kitchen Shop is riding some positive energy after winning a display contest between independent stores throughout the country for a Le Creuset Artichaut Cookware Display by Sarah Homans.

Hopkins and his team are putting the finishing touches on a brand-new expansion which doubles his space and looks to be open Friday Sept. 24 for the Livingston Art Walk.

The store will feature all sorts of new items and more to come to fill his space with popular kitchenware before the holiday season, but the bottleneck on shipping into Montana stems all the way back to freight delays overseas from some of his suppliers.

“Our message to people is if you see it and you like it you should get it because I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get it again, there are things that people have responded really well to that I have reordered that now won’t be in until mid-December and I ordered them in July,” Hopkins said.

For perspective, Hopkins said he’s lucky to still have left over turkey basters from last year for this year’s Thanksgiving holiday all because he wasn’t able to get them in before last year’s Thanksgiving weekend after opening up and this time delays could be longer.

You can find more information about The Kitchen Shop on Main Street in Livingston here.

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