BELGRADE, Mont. - Votes passed an urban chicken ordinance that allows residents in the City of Belgrade to keep up to six chickens in their backyard.

"The voters wanted chickens, and the voters will get chickens, and this is the way it should work," Belgrade Mayor Russell Nelson said.

To have chicken in the Belgrade city limits, residents will need to get a permit from the city, which costs a one-time fee of $100.

If one is applying for a permit, they have to provide the city with a sketch of their property and include where the chicken coop will be located.

To receive that permit, one must live in a single-family home that has to be at least on a 7,000 square foot lot.

Every lot will be inspected by city officials.

No roosters are allowed within the city limits and, there are certain areas the hens are allowed to roam.

Nelson said, "The chickens shall be in their coop from sunrise to sunset they aren't to be free-range in a person's yard."

The City of Bozeman, Manhattan, and Three Forks also allow residents to own chickens within city limits.

Belgrade Chicken Owner Ashely Siebrasse said having chickens in the city can be very beneficial.

People thinking about getting chickens in Belgrade have to notify their neighbors and check with their homeowner's association before applying for a permit.

Residents with more questions can get paper copies of the new ordinance at the Belgrade City Hall.

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