BOZEMAN, Mont. - For all the serious news out there, it's always a good idea to take a little step back and enjoy the things that make you laugh. And for residents in Bozeman, there's "gnome" better place this week than Story Mill Park.

A wintry walk through Story Mill Park this week reveals a wonderful world of toadstools and pointy hats, as the organization Random Acts of Silliness is spreading some winter cheer... with a little help from these little bearded men.

"Gnomes traditionally have this history of being stewards of the natural said," said Danielle Thomsen, the executive enchantment director for Random Acts of Silliness. "We really loved the idea of a winter installation exploring the world of gnomes and how they take care of their park."

One may ask what the purpose is of turning a public park into a gnome's playground. According to Bozeman Parks & Recreation assistant recreation manager Holly Crane, the answer is quite simple.

"The purpose is to make you smile," Crane said. "The purpose is to make you laugh and get your imagination all on gnomes. It's a great way for our community to get together and giggle a little."

Since the event began in mid-January, over 6,000 Bozeman residents have partaken in the 'Gnome Roam.' Combined with the efforts of the local artists who brought these exhibits to life, it's a community event through and through--one meant to be enjoyed by all ages.

"Yes, it's enjoyed by kids and families, but it's also enjoyed by adults," Thomsen said. "We like to say these installations are for the young and young at heart."

The 'Gnome Roam' is one of many in a series of installations by Random Acts of Silliness, and you can donate in person at Story Mill Park on their website to help bring some silliness to Bozeman in the future.

If you want to spend your day with some gnomes, you have until Sunday, Jan. 29 to check out the scene at Story Mill Park. While you're there, make sure to find the gnome name list to learn what your gnome name is.

"Many of you know me as Holly Crane, but when I'm out roaming this park, my given name is Nils Spruceborg," Crane said.


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