No ice? No Problem. Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association to host virtual hockey tournament

BOZEMAN- The Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association will be hosting a hockey tournament but without any ice. It will be all online. 

With the skating season being very short in the Bozeman area but such an important way of life here, BAHA and the Adult Hockey League made a decision to have a championship game. 

More than 2,500 youth and adults in the Gallatin Valley's sake at the Haynes Pavilion nicknamed “the barn,” based out of the Gallatin County Fairgrounds in Bozeman.

It’s a temporary facility which means the skating season is short as it is and the virus made it even shorter.

So for hockey players in the Bozeman area, this virtual get together is a chance to keep the season going.

“We postponed play in the middle of March everybody, was very concerned about it,” Rob Pertzborn who is the Adult Hockey Commissioner said, “You could see the writing on the wall that we were going to lose not only a couple weeks of play, but the whole season without that closure it would’ve been it leaves kind of this empty feeling in the hockey community.” 

Pertzborn says teams have worked hard to stay connected, hosting virtual locker rooms, texting in group chats, and having virtual happy hours.

The virtual game is going to be hosted by two NHL players one who has ties right here to the Bozeman area Sam Lafferty, of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and Riley Stillman, of the Florida Panthers, will be taking part in the hosting.

Now you might be saying how do you play virtual hockey. 

It’s all computer-generated and it has to do with names being pulled from a hat. If your name is pulled it would be considered a goal if your team has the most pulls you advance onto the next round, and you can even buy extra pulls for an extra chance to advance.

Some 900 people will be participating in the virtual zoom call.

Pertzborn says even though this season was cut short whoever comes out ahead is going to get all the bragging rights.

To join the Zoom you can follow this link.

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