On Broadway in Helena expands amid COVID-19

HELENA- As COVID-19 spread, businesses were forced to close doors and make changes. In Helena, one restaurant is not only making pasta, but building walls at the same time.

On Broadway, they were in the middle of expanding. A dream for the owner Patrick Cassidy, his business has to turn people away because they're so full on any given weekend.

“I’m very hopeful, the one thing this new bar expansion is going to relieve immediately is people waiting outside until their table is ready,” Cassidy said.

On Broadway is one of Montana’s most popular restaurants. With people from all over the state congregating in Helena for dinner there but the restaurant almost at the closed doors.

“We got a PPP Loan which is helped dramatically keep our employees and everything operating and now there are some more programs out there that we are pursuing right now for a little bit more relief,” Cassidy said,  “Yes we didn’t know where we were we didn’t know if we were going to survive the PPP money saved us  without it we would have probably closed the doors.”

The popular Helena restaurant is determined to power on.

“So now we’ve basically got everything finished and open hopefully next week for the bar side but with the less business it’s hurt the checkbook,” Cassidy said.

Cassidy says his biggest piece of advice for a business owner of a smaller restaurant in Billings or Missoula is to face this head-on.

“Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize, wear masks make sure your public knows that’s it’s a safe place to be,” Cassidy said, “Definitely add online ordering if possible and really work on streamlining take out for your customers.”

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