Owners of Yellowstone RV Park ask tourists despite flooding, says over 1000 people have cancled trips

LIVINGSTON, MT- The state of Montana is in recovery mode following June's flooding.

The message that rings through across Paradise Valley, despite Yellowstone National Park not being totally accessible through the north entrance, is to come to Montana.

It’s well known that the gateway community of Livingston makes the bulk of the money the community needs to support itself between May and late September.

Ever since the flooding hit, close to a month ago the question became how do you move forward.

The owners of Yellowstone's Edge RV Park, Chan and Pam Libbey, who are multi-generational Montanans say they received close to 1000 cancellations since the flood.

Pam explained that some people have been unkind on the phone, saying the park's closure has ruined their summer, and they’re upset they lost their vacation.

Pam says she’s explained multiple times the park's closure is out of her control.

Her husband, Chan, said that the first 10 days following this were sleepless nights for the family.

They’ve operated for close to two decades and say they’ve never experienced anything like this.

They opened the campsite soon after graduating Montana State University. The husband and wife team say this was their way of staying in their home state, they’re fearful if cancellations continue they might have to return to construction and retail.

Their hope is that regardless of the park the country will continue to travel to Paradise Valley. Their plea, come to Montana, party in Livingston, and help keep the small family businesses alive.

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