Pence protesters Black Lives Matter

BELGRADE, Mont. - Vice President Mike Pence was in Bozeman on Monday to address crowds of supporters for Senator Steve Daines - but not everyone was supportive of the vice president.

Just three protesters gathered along the road that Pence drove down on the way to the rally. A road block made it impossible for protesters to get close to the event.

The protesters let us show their faces but asked us not to share their names. What they did want to share: their message, directly with the VP.

"I'm gay... if he's the Vice President of the United States," said one protester. "I want to know that he supports me as just a basic human being."

"I just want to support kindness," said another protester. "This isn't political. It's supporting basic human beings and their rights."

Just two minutes into speaking with the protesters, one man showed up to essentially protest their protest, telling them he believed in "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve," and that he wasn't a racist like he claimed they were with their "Black Lives Matter" flag.

The confrontation left two of the protesters nearly in tears.

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