The semi has been moved. Traffic is moving through the area again.  

BOZEMAN - Emergency services were on the scene of a wreck Monday afternoon outside Bozeman, where a semi carrying beehives tipped over.

The call came in just before 5 PM when the truck took a hard turn and tipped over near Durston and Gooch Hill Roads between Bozeman and Four Corners.

Two people were in the vehicle at the time, although neither were injured.

But diesel fuel and honey were leaking from the semi.

The truck was traveling from California to North Dakota to drop off the bees in their new home.

It's unclear exactly how many bees the truck was carrying and how many were set loose as a result of the crash. But from our own research, the truck could have held as many as 200 million of them.

The intersection will remain closed while crews clean up the area.

The story will be updated as additional information is available. 

A previous version of this story said that the owners of the bees no longer want them, but we have learned that that is not the case. This story has been updated to reflect this corrected information.                                   

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