BOZEMAN, Mont. - Senator Jon Tester has introduced bipartisan legislation called the EHR RESET Act to reform the Department of Veterans’ Affairs electronic health records modernization process. 

Since the beginning of the rollout, the EHRM has been met with a variety of problems, from difficulties using the new system, to death. 

Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut has said the new system led to the death of one veteran at Spokane, Washington’s Mann-Granstaff VA Medical Center, among several other deaths. 

The biggest thing the EHR RESET Act would do at this point is stop the rollout of the EHRM at medical facilities where it has not started yet, to prevent the issues from hurting more veterans, according to the bill. 

The VA announced after the bill was introduced that Oracle Cerner, the contracted EHR company would not roll out at other facilities until the issues are fixed. 

According to the act, the VA would also require Oracle Cerner to fix the technology issues together with the VA. The act would provide metrics to guide whether and how the EHRM should continue at other healthcare facilities. 

The VA also announced analtered contract with Oracle Cerner that forces more accountability and oversight from the company. 

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