"Chin Up. Fight" addiction recovery message

BOZEMAN, Mont. - How do you keep an at-risk group of people safe during a pandemic?

While the best thing for many people is to stay inside and limit contact with other people, for those recovering from a substance use disorder, those conditions can lead to a relapse.

To keep people with substance use disorders on the wagon, organizations are going digital. Narcotics Anonymous of Montana has daily Zoom meetings, as does Alcoholics Anonymous.

Even the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which used to require face-to-face sessions, is now lifting guidelines to let providers to go online.

At Ideal Option, an addiction treatment center, all sessions are now being done through a computer screen.

Addiction medicine provider Sheri Bagley says she's seen some of her patients start to spiral in the wake of COVID.

Click here to get connected with Narcotics Anonymous of Montana's daily Zoom meetings.

Click here to get connected with your local Alcoholics Anonymous by joining a Zoom meeting.

Ideal Option does a daily Q-and-A with a doctor via Facebook Live.

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