Snow heroes to the rescue!

GREAT FALLS- Snow heroes are people who make this bitter cold and unpredictable snowfall a little bit more bearable through their random acts of kindness.

Meaning it can be anything from neighbors shoveling your driveway, someone helping you get your car out of a ditch, or the kid who builds an unforgettable snowman every year in light of cheering up others.

So here's what people around the Electric City said about who their snow hero is:

"I live on 4th Street North, and there's an awesome guy that comes and plows our block every time it snows, and it's awesome,” said Katelynn Walsh, a resident of Great Falls.

"My next door neighbor Ryan Smith plows our walk around our house every time it snows. He's amazing,” said Kristin Antonovich, who works in Great Falls.

"The fact that I do live out in a rural area, I have a couple of neighbors who have been kind enough if need be they help plow. Often times family members as well have been gracious to come out and plow,” said Faye McWilliams, who works in Great Falls.

“The two young men who offered to shovel my walk on a 30 below day on Central Avenue, it’s nice to see these little guys earning some extra cash and actually working for it. Kudos guys,” said Amy Thomas in a comment on KFBB’s Facebook Page.

“Our city crew does an awesome job on the streets. And whoever the company the landlord hires to do ours. Even though I usually have my stairs and deck done before they get here,” said Peggy Lee in a comment on KFBB’s Facebook Page.

As for some of the younger Great Falls residents, they were more excited to share that Santa was their snow hero, or that they rather be outside sledding enjoying this snowy weather!

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