BOZEMAN, Mont. - White-tailed deer in several states have tested positive for COVID, according to multiple studies.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks said no deer in Montana have been tested for the virus. 

Right now, it is unclear where the deer caught the virus, but there is no evidence that humans can become infected by deer.

The deer that have tested positive for COVID were asymptomatic and FWP is encouraging people to take precautions when handling harvested deer. 

Montana FWP Wildlife Veterinarian Jennifer Ramsey said, "Wearing gloves is really good if you're concerned about COVID, wearing a mask is really good, washing your hands and your utensils really well afterward and taking really good precautions. All those things go a really long way in minimizing the risk of disease transmission of any kind." 

Ramsey said they are working with federal agencies to test Montana deer samples for COVID. 

Also, the CDC guidelines states that it is unlikely to get COVID from cooked food which includes wild game. 

For additional questions, Montana residents are encouraged to reach out to FWP here.

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