Technology services company commonFont makes $500,000 donation to HRDC’s Griffin Place

One of two parcels of land where Griffin Place and the Housing First Village will be located to the east and west of North 7th Avenue.

BOZEMAN- A $500,000 donation from commonFont, a technology services company headquartered in Bozeman, will help support the Bozeman Human Resource Development Council’s new Griffin Place to better address hunger and homelessness in the community.

Griffin Place will be located on two parcels of land to the east and west of North 7th Avenue, and will be the new home of the Gallatin Valley Food Bank and a year-round warming shelter.

Heather Grenier, chief executive officer and president of the HRDC, said the construction of Griffin Place is expected to start in the spring of 2021 and are 50% complete on the design process of the building to accommodate the growing needs of the community.

“Bozeman has only had seasonal shelter for the general population for the last ten plus years and for the last three years we’ve had to run two shelter locations during the winter because our space on Industrial Drive didn’t have enough space to shelter the number of people that we’re needing shelter,” Grenier said. “It’s a giant leap forward for our community in the way that we could certainly do better in meeting the needs of our neighbors.”

The facility will also feature onsite housing services and the Housing First Village which will build tiny homes to provide 20 homes for those struggling with homelessness.

According to the HRDC’s website, community partners at St. James Episcopal Church and the Montana State University School of Architecture are teaming up with the HRDC to provide the safe and sustainable transitional housing community for Bozeman’s chronically homeless.

Each tiny home can be successfully and efficiently built for $10,000.

Griffin Place will also be the new food resource center along with the home of the Fork & Spoon Community Café.

As a growing technology company, commonFont headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, with a second office based in Providence, Rhode Island, started out in Bozeman seven years ago.

The technology services business made their first donation as community partners with the HRDC back in 2016, and some of their employees have helped serve at the current Fork and Spoon Community Café location doing packed lunches for kids.

“We have about thirty employees here based in Bozeman, our employees are committed to the community, and we get a lot of benefit out of being based here in Bozeman in these beautiful surroundings,” Abby Schattler, chief executive officer and co-founder of commonFont, said.

The company hopes their gift will encourage other businesses and individuals in the community to donate so that the HRDC can continue to serve the needs of those most vulnerable here in Bozeman.

“We believe that we need to support Bozeman and support the community as it grows to help keep this place a great place for commonFont to be located and for our employees to live and work,” Schattler added.

A link to donate to the HRDC in Bozeman can be found here.

More information on commonFont can be found here.

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