BOZEMAN, Mont. - Thousands of people in Montana have started to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, yet they still have to wear a mask after getting vaccinated.

Wearing a mask does not only protect yourself from the virus but others around you. 

Michael Vlases, Bozeman Health Chief Medical Information Officer said, "because of all the unknowns that still exist around COVID-19 infection and transmission those of us who receive the vaccine need to still wear and practice social distancing and hand washing until the pandemic is under better control until we have more of those questions about virus transmission answers."  

People who have received the COVID-19 vaccine do not have immediate immunity to the virus. 

Health officials said it can take anywhere between two to three weeks to build a durable immune response to the vaccine. 

Throughout the last ten months, many health experts have confirmed that wearing a mask helps protect one from droplets that spread the virus. 

To find out more about the COVID-19 vaccine in Bozeman one can check out the Gallatin County Health website and Bozeman Health website

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