The Serenity Ranch that supports veterans with PTSD falls on hard times amid COVID-19 outbreak

BOZEMAN- The Serenity Ranch an organization just outside of Bozeman responsible for the care of over 40 horses and veteran rehabilitation programs is feeling the pinch right now.

Normally they would be preparing for the launch of their summer programs helping female veterans recover from PTSD and other trauma issues, but right now due to the 14 day quarantine mandate, these horses are not going to be working this summer.

The Serenity Ranch also has taking close to 50 horses under their wings. Serving as a sanctuary for unwanted and abused animals.

Lisa Ledoux who cooperates The Serenity Ranch alongside her mother says the abuse and neglect the horses have experienced helps the veterans relate to them. 

It helps put everyone on a similar playing field on the road to recovery.

Normally monthly they’d see close to $10,000 in donations and right now they’re saying far less.

“It’s selfless work and sometimes we do wake up and think what kind of karma is this you know,” Ledoux said, “we have these horses- basically nobody wants them, they will all be put down or killed and we’re trying to feed them so they live out their lives,  beautifully at our own cost- significant cost.”

Right now in an effort reduce cost they’re looking at downsizing from the 70 acre ranch that they call home now to a 30 acre ranch.

“The veterans that we serve, the female veterans that we serve in our programs rely on our horses and our work to live their lifes and get into a place of normalcy in their life’s,” Ledoux said, “It’s very detrimental currently with the lack of donations due to the coronavirus that we are having pay everything out of pocket.”

A big square bale of hay, It lasts about one day and it feeds all the horses, they cost $120 each.

Normally they would be receiving some financial support from the organizations that send veterans here but right now that is just not happening. 

They say if you can make a donation it would be very helpful in moving their operation forward and keeping programs open and available for veterans down the road.

You can make a donation to support The Serenity Ranch here. 

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