BOZEMAN, Mont. - The MSU men’s basketball team is headed to Greensboro, North Carolina to play the Kansas State Wildcats this Friday for the first round in the Drive for the Title. 

If you are a Bobcats super fan and considering traveling to North Carolina, here is what you need to know for travel costs. 

According to, the cheapest roundtrip flight for two adults departing Thursday from Bozeman and returning Sunday from Greensboro is around $1,600. But on average, tickets are around $3,000 roundtrip. 

Hotel prices vary quite a bit. According to, the cheapest hotel to stay in Greensboro from Thursday to Sunday is $53 per night. On average, hotels lean more toward $100-200 per night. 

Rental cars vary mostly based on size. A Thursday-Sunday rental looks to be around $150-300 total. 

There is a lot of variation in these prices, based on airline, flight times, rental car companies and hotels, but if you are headed to Greensboro to cheer on the Bobcats, that is roughly what it will look like. 

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