USPS Dog Paw Stickers

BOZEMAN, Mont. - The United States Postal Service launched a new program to help reduce the total number of dog attacks during mail deliveries.

People in Bozeman should expect to see a dog paw stickers on their mailboxes.

These stickers let letter carriers know if the house has or will have a dog.

Joel Bachofer, Bozeman Postmaster said, "We are going to start using these stickers where a yellow sticker on a box is a warning to a carrier that the next box has a potential hazard and this is for a carrier that is not on a route consistently and the new folks that we hire and we do have some turnover here they don't necessarily know these routes that well so these little warning stickers give them the heads up that there is a dog at this address or the next address are very important to them."

Montana has reported a total of 14 dog bites this year.

The Bozeman mail carriers are excited about the new program and their safety.

Cory Zarr, Bozeman City Carrier said, "It's going to help a lot because on walking routes a lot of times you don't know if there is a dog in the yard or not and if you know a dog is coming up it actually helps."

There have been nearly 6,000 USPS employees across the U.S. that have been victimized by a dog this year.

The USPS is sending out letters to customers about the new program and encouraging people to not remove the stickers from their mailboxes.

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