What to expect at gyms in Gallatin County as they prepare to open for the first time in several weeks

BOZEMAN- The Gallatin City County Board of Health voted to amend the local emergency rule to allow for the opening of gyms in Gallatin County but it comes with a long list of rules.

The county’s guidelines for all gyms mandates classes cannot be taught inside, right now no large group classes can be taught at all, but you can hit the equipment just from six feet apart.

Social distancing will continue to be a very large part of the gym experience for the foreseeable future.

Gyms in Bozeman like The Ridge Athletic Club expect a large turnout Friday, and what they are advising to all gym patrons across the state of Montana is come prepared.

“Please be efficient with your time and remember patience and tolerance,” Steve Roderick with

The Ridge Athletic Club said, “if you can stay efficient with your time, if you can come prepared to work out, and minimize your need or time in the locker room it will help.” 

Roderick says they have meticulously combed through all the guidelines from the county for pools and gyms.

The Ridge Athletic Club will have open locker rooms but Roderick says entrances will be monitored for safety. They are limiting 10 people in a time.

All staff will be taking temperatures, wearing masks, and some gyms, like The Ridge hired new staff members to ensure that the gyms stay below 50% capacity at all time. 

“We’re not only thinking about….people who are low at risk,” Roderick said, “I started thinking about the people that are higher at risk, and they’re all our members we are fortunate to have a broad demographic that we do have the opportunity of people to serve, so we’re not just thinking about one demographic we’re thinking about them all.” 

Roderick says that he understands many people rely on the routine of coming to the gym, he explains that it's part of people's daily DNA and there will be many people eager to return to that routine.

For now he's asking that you respect the rules put in place inside the facility the staff working to enforce them at the gym.

One of the big things county is asking you to do is to wipe down every piece of equipment before and after use.

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