What to expect from the 2020 Sweet Pea Festival

BOZEMAN- The Sweet Pea Festival brings thousand to the Bozeman area and this year board members have met and things will continue.

The festival will just look a little different. 

One of the big changes, there will be no large music gathering.

But a lot of the smaller free events will be taking place.

The event which raises over $1.7 million in three days for the city of Bozeman will look different but have the feel and the magic of the festival people have come to know and love.

Kris Olenicki the Executive Director says this year is going to be difficult because of the financial impact, the organization is keeping things free. 

The music events are what bring in the cash flow. 

They are dependent on the funds coming in each year to prep for the next year. Olenicki felt for the community they had to push on with something. 

“It’s still a community event and I still believe that the community even though it’s not the same will be behind us and will support us as always,” Olenicki said. 

Olenicki says that they for sure will be doing Chalk on the Walk, the Juried Art Show, and the all-important Sweet Pea Flower Show.

She went onto say that conversations are still in the works and we should expect to hear more in the next two weeks about new events they’re creating for the weekend. 

“So [the] Sweet Pea, you might know, [might be different] we are working on a lot of events things that we can do, that will make it seem like Sweet Pea from the past,” Olenicki said.

Sweet Pea is hoping people who participate in events will make donations to help fund the next year's festival.

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