Bozeman Beach / Glen Lake Rotary Park

BOZEMAN, Mont. - With a Weather Authority Alert across the state, many Montanans are trying to figure out how to stay cool and stay safe in the heat.

Thursday was a beautiful, sunny day, one you might confuse for a summer beach movie. But this scene is set in Bozeman, where we're not quite as used to the high temperatures.

Bozeman teen Karly Jordan spent her afternoon with friend Addy Albrecht at Bozeman Beach.

"We didn't really know what to do today," Jordan explains, "so we just came out to have fun because it was a really hot day."

As a wave of heat is forcing some people indoors, others are making the most of it. Some are cooling down in the water, while others are soaking up the sun.

"We like it because it's hot and then you can do more [fun things] and cool off and everything," says Clara, who spent her afternoon at Bozeman Beach.

Her cousin, Nina, agrees: "I like it because it's nice when you can just like sort of just take a day off and lay in the sun."

Nina, Clara, and their other cousins are glad to be back together again after a long winter apart.

But with COVID-19 top of mind, how are parents keeping their kids safe?

"Outdoors I'm not super concerned about them," says mom Kara Albrecht. "They stay within six feet - or even if they don't - I'm okay with that."

That was the state of mind many parents were in on Thursday afternoon, and they're not totally wrong. It's still early, but some early research tells us the risk of getting the novel coronavirus is lower when you're outside.

One Japanese study showed you're 19 times more likely to catch the virus indoors.

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