Police lights

BOZEMAN -- A woman is accused of kicking an officer in the testicles during an altercation Monday night at Rodeway Inn in Bozeman.

Police received a report from a hotel guest at approximately 10:11 p.m. against Sharee S. Sandoval, 43, on disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. 

When police spoke with the hotel guest, he accused Sandoval of drinking alcohol throughout the night, chucking two remotes at him, and refusing to leave his room. However, he said he didn't feel his safety was in danger, nor was he left physically harmed.

According to court documents, Sandoval was making incoherent sentences, thought they were in Wyoming and admitted to drinking rum the entire night.

Police say they could smell alcohol coming from Sandoval and saw a half empty bottle of rum sitting on top of the dresser in the room.

Documents say when police tried to settle the conflict, Sandoval became very heated and stormed towards officers as if she was about to start a fight. 

According to documents, Sandoval got very aggressive, backward kicking like a mule, hitting one of the officers in the testicles, where he says he felt "immediate pain." Police say the hit seemed to be on intentional. Worried for his safety, he tried to punch her in the head but missed because she was flailing her head around, documents say. 

Officers forced Sandoval on the ground and she persisted to kick and remain uncooperative, but eventually calmed down, according to documents.

Documents say Sandoval made numerous death threats at officers as they waited for more officers to arrive.

Sandoval was brought to Gallatin County Detention Center with no bond, and is charged for Assault on a Peace Officer. 

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