BOZEMAN, Mont. - Yellowstone National Park Ranger hosted a virtual worldwide presentation for students, teachers, and parents Wednesday. 

Students across the United States and as far as the Czech Republic, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates attended the program to learn more about America's first national park. 

The virtual audience was able to ask the park ranger questions about Yellowstone and many people were interested in learning more about the famous Yellowstone volcano. 

Yellowstone Park Ranger Michael explained during the program, "You're going to know if Yellowstone erupts based on what we have seen the evidence of the previous irruption we think the entire world would feel the earthquake so the whole world would feel the vibration the western United States would be buried in several feet of volcanic ash."

The program was 30 minutes long and taught people around the globe about the wonders of Yellowstone. 

Yellowstone National Park is currently open to the public for visitation. 

More information on Yellowstone National Park can be found here. 

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