Free Lunches

ANACONDA-On Wednesday, about a dozen school district workers were busy handing out almost 200 free meals to students in Anaconda.

The Anaconda School District started grab and go meals a few months back when the coronavirus shutdown schools and they're keeping it going this summer.

Each bag comes with a milk, fruit, breakfast and lunch items for the student. There are six sites around town and some workers even deliver meals to the children's home.

Trevor Scholler a paraprofessional for the district says they recently received a $20,000 grant written by the Anaconda Community Foundation to expand the program.

Starting this week, the district will also be giving out a backpack full of fruits and vegetables for the students every Friday.

Scholler says they know a lot of kids need help with meals over the weekend and their goal is to make sure no student goes hungry in Anaconda.

The expanded program, through the Missoula Food Bank will also help promote healthy eating in Anaconda. "It's almost like a security blanket with everything going on, they get to see peoples faces that they're familiar with but they also know they get to have dinner that night or lunch that day or breakfast the next morning," said Scholler.

The weekend backpacks will begin this Friday and there are six grab and go meal locations across Anaconda from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Friday.

If you have any questions about the program, you're encouraged to contact the Anaconda School District.

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