BUTTE - The Freeway Tavern located on Montana Street has served Butte residents and travelers for multiple decades. The restaurant and bar will continue to provide service, but with new restrictions in place.

Effective Monday, bars and other businesses that sell alcohol must now close at 10 p.m. compared to the midnight curfew before the new restrictions. For The Freeway Tavern, the new restrictions are another example of going with the flow. 

"It's sad for everybody," said Kathy Feroni, Freeway Tavern manager. "I just hope we pull through this and I think we will, it will just take time."

The Freeway Tavern will only allow fifty percent capacity, in accordance to the new restrictions. Feroni also said that she feels sorry for bars that do not serve food, as they were hit harder by the restrictions.

Sanitizing takes place throughout the day at Freeway Tavern, as the bar and restaurant is closed from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. each day to allow for sanitizing.

"It's not about us, or the owners or the employees. From the very beginning this has been about everybody's safety," Feroni said.

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