Civic Center

BUTTE- The Butte Civic Center is implementing new security measures ahead of the Chris Janson concert at the venue on Friday night.

The Civic Center announced this week the addition of several new metal detectors as part of upgrades to facility.

On Tuesday afternoon, two new walk through metal detectors were up and ready to go ahead of the concert on Friday. The two walk through metal detectors and six hand wands were purchased last month by the Civic Center with money from the city.

Concert-goers like Brandi Edwards say the new upgrades will add an extra sense of safety. "I just feel like everybody in this community tries to help out with making the whole town safer and doing it this way makes it so more people want to come out to the concert," Edwards said.

Staff says the strength of the metal detectors is adjustable and not as sensitive as those used as airports, but strong enough to detect metal items in pockets and bags.

Civic Center Manager Bill Melvin says staff will search purses and backpacks brought to the venue. He adds they recommend concert-goers leave bags at home if possible.

"We're doing it just to keep up with the times and for the safety of our employees and of our event-goers," Melvin said.

Friday night will be the first event the new security measures and there will be extra staff around the Civic Center to help with the crowds, Melvin adds.

Staff recommends concert goers get to the Civic Center when doors open at 6:30 PM.

"It has been something we've been looking into for the past couple of years, and have been working with other facilities seeing how they're doing it and we're just trying to make sure we can keep our patrons as safe as possible," Melvin said.

Tickets for the Chris Janson concert will be available at the Civic Center box office through Friday afternoon.

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