Senior signs

BUTTE-In the Mining City, parents, local businesses and the county have teamed up to show their support for all the high school seniors in Butte.

Just a few weeks back, parents were unsure at both Butte High and Butte Central if their seniors would get a graduation ceremony. That is why parents like Butte High Senior parent Kristen Manson came up with the idea of printing signs with the seniors name and picture on them and hanging them up around Butte.

Staff at Copper City Sign and Awning have been busy printing roughly 300 signs for every senior in Butte.

On Friday, Butte-Silver Bow County workers hung up all the Butte Central senior signs along Front Street ahead of their graduation ceremony on Sunday at St. Ann’s Church.

The ceremony will be live streamed for non-immediate family and friends online.

“By posting these banners up around the community, the community will get a reminder for the next month everyday of these smart, intelligent, caring and giving kids,” said Manson.

Butte High’s graduation will be on May 27 at the Butte Civic Center. Butte High’s graduation will be hung up next week ahead of their graduation.

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