Mining City Dance Company

BUTTE - One dance studio in Butte is back open after closing down for nearly eight weeks, and now the Mining City Dance Company is asking the community, that has supported them for two decades, to help improve their studio's floor.

From tap, to jazz and even ballet, the Mining City Dance Company has been teaching kids 3 to 18 how to dance for 20 years. "I do it for the kids, the kids love it and I wouldn't of been doing it for 20 years if I didn’t see satisfaction out of their little faces," said studio owner Kathy Rowe.

Rowe says she received permission from the health department to open back up last week with increased safety measure. The studio now implements teachers wearing masks, checking everyone’s temperature and sanitizing floors between each class.

Now after years of hard work, they're asking for the community's help improving their studio with new flooring. "Now all the sanitizing we have to do between every class, we're afraid it's going to take off the polish that is on there right now, so ya it's just something we've been looking into and my son has done a lot of research on it," said Rowe.

A GoFundMe was set up to help the studio and in just three days they've already raised over $300 for the new flooring which Rowe says will help these young dancers continue to do what they love.

"The new floor is better on the joints, just the whole body basically it's what all the dance competitions use that we attend," said Rowe.

She adds the new floor is called a Marley Floor System and it would benefit the kids greatly. She says it's easier to take care of and it's the same floor used at all the dance competitions.

Rowe adds she knows times are tough for people, including herself, and she appreciates the support from the Butte community.

"Butte is awesome, they just come out and support everybody and anybody even though they're having problems themselves," said Rowe.

For more information on the GoFundMe, click here.

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