Butte Historical Memorial group and 5th grade students help name a historic statue

BUTTE, Mont. - In memory of the historic Butte Warehouse Disaster in 1895, the Butte Historical Memorial group unveiled their final sculpture piece at Margaret Leary Grade school on Wednesday.

Butte students in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade competed in the "name the dog" contest.

The Margaret Leary 5th grade class won the contest and named the sculpture dog Dilis. 

Margaret Leary 5th student, Sage Leber explains how her class came up with the dogs name, "We started looking up names because none of us agreed on a certain name and we figured that we decided that most of the miners that came to Butte were from Ireland so we decided to lookup loyal in Gaelic and that is how we got the name."

In the 1895 warehouse explosion, 13 firefighters lost their lives helping others but, Dilis stuck by his owner, William Copeland a firefighter side the whole time.

The dog followed his master to the fire, stayed with his body at the tragedy, remained by his side at the mortuary and funeral services, and died at the cemetery laying on Copelands gravesite.

This statue was created by Jim Dolan a famous artist and sculptor.

Dilis the sculpted dog, is displayed at the uptown Butte fire station.

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