Harrison Avenue

BUTTE-A board has been appointed to oversee the South Harrison Avenue Urban Renewal District in Butte and the goal is to fix up the area and attract new businesses.

Progress is well underway on the new urban renewal district on Harrison Avenue and business owners in the district say they're excited to see the improvements.

The Humble Bean is a new coffee shop serving up lattes, Redbull Remedies, baked goods and more on South Harrison Avenue.

The humble kiosk is one of dozens of businesses that would benefit from the Urban Renewal District and owner Brittany Dealaman says she is excited to hear what the district will do for Butte.

"We want better sewer systems, better pipes, streets, roads and for me it's going to bring in new businesses which also gives the existing businesses more traffic," said Dealaman.

The district includes the area around the Butte Plaza Mall and all the way down to Star Lanes. Chief Executive Dave Palmer and the Council of Commissioners approved the five member board to oversee the district last week.

The group comes from a variety of different backgrounds including economic development, transportation and accounting.

"Whenever there is an application for a loan or grant from a business  the board will get together and makes the decision on how the money is spent," said Palmer.

Palmer says the tax increments available for new and existing businesses should be available by early next year.

He adds he hopes new businesses decide to call Butte home.

"I think it will really improve the area, if you look at the URA Uptown and the amount of improvements that have happened because of the district that is there it just helps give incentive for businesses to come in and relocate to that area," said Palmer.

Palmer adds the boards first meeting will be in early August and all meetings will be open to the public.

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