Butte Parks

BUTTE-In the Mining City, organizations are coming together to clean up Butte’s neighborhoods and parks as part of a two-day community wide clean up.

Saturday was day one of a two-day community wide clean up in Butte and dozens of volunteers helped to make their neighborhoods a little cleaner.

Volunteers like Butte resident Chris Michaelis were hard at work this afternoon, picking up soda cans, used fireworks and cigarettes. Michaelis says he picked up two full trash bags of trash from his neighborhood, Saturday afternoon.

The two-day event is a collaboration between Collective Elevation, Butte Parks and Rec., Copper City Queens and the Clark Fork Watershed Education Program.

The goal, says organizer Matt Boyle, is to make cleaning up Butte a daily practice.

“Even just a few minutes to clean up around your house, or your block or whatever, doesn't have to be the whole neighborhood but something that could make a difference,” said Michaelis.

Boyle says the county even donated a dumpster for the afternoon for the trash residents picked up.

Boyle adds, on Sunday volunteers will be cleaning the parks around Butte.

To kick off the two-day event, local artist Nic Hareland started to paint a mural to get rid of the graffiti on the pavilion at Clark’s Park. “These are the places that everybody goes, especially family members, kids so we want it to look nice, we want it to look clean, we want to give them a reason not to vandalize it,” said Boyle.

Boyle adds there was a good turnout for day one and they’re hoping to have even more people join in on the clean up on Sunday.

Organizers and volunteers will be at a few parks in Butte on Sunday including Clark’s Park and Skyline Park from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Sunday and all are welcome to join in.

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